February 15, 2010

Where I've been lately

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Ok, so I have been a bad blogger and had really sparse inconsistent content. Well I blame Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Buzz, and all the other microblogging platforms.

My blogging was really consistent until those services came along. I also started and closed a few other blogs on a variety of interest.

In the last 4+ years I have had this blog I've learned a lot, realized I liked this, and started a degree program related to it. I recently got a consulting gig that allows me to manage social media for real estate agents. I've always liked Realtors (NAR I know I'm using the term wrong but you need to stop the mass media from using the term because THEY are damaging your trademark), hell I even attempted to be one for about a year.

I'm also starting to diversify my income through niche blogging. Through the generosity of Amy Bass I have a free 3-month subscription to The Niche Blogger - Make Money Blogging* and I'm slowly applying the principles to create some income from some very specific niche blogs. I know these techniques work because they are some of the same ones used by Lynn Terry and Ed Dale of Thirty Day Challenge fame.

Well, there is my update. I hope to post more frequently but I can't promise anything.

Christopher Johnston
*affiliate link

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