March 4, 2010

Pick your battles because you can't win them all....

Pick your battles because you can't win them all and some you may never win.

My wife and I went together to drop our daughter off at school. Let me first preface this by saying our daughter is in first grade and we rarely ever go together to drop her off.

The school has a series of annex building that are long and skinny. The ends of 3 of these buildings are along the driveway that parents must take when dropping their children off by car. The driveway is a portion of the school yard with an entrance and exit to the street that is parallel to the driveway. My daughter's class is in the 2nd building.

Image below:

When I have dropped my daughter off I have just let her out of the car as soon as a teacher approached. As it happens this is usually when I am in front of her building. My wife on the other hand routinely ignores the teachers that advance the car and doesn't let her out until the 2nd building. This is what happend this morning.

The problem is that the teacher was knocking on my window and I had my hand on the door handle to open the door. Problem was my wife was demanding "DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!". Of course when we got to the second building the teacher now approached the car, visibly agitated, and ask us what the problem was. My response was, "It's my wife" (probably not the smartest thing to say at that moment).  At which time the teacher then started to lecture her on the school rules and how she was going to get a letter from the principal (honestly, not the smartest thing for the teacher to do at this point either).

The problem is that my wife is mad that I didn't back her up and she reasons that there is no reason to drop her off early and so far away from her building. I have no problem letting her out of the car when there is a teacher present to direct her to her classroom. Should I have backed up my wife even if I disagreed with her decision? Or should I have just let my child out when I thought it was appropriate (This probably would have lead to an ugly situation in the line too) and then dealt with my wife being pissed off about it all day?

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  1. Does your daughter have some kind of medical condition that causes her to tire easily? Does she carry an unreasonably heavy backpack? Honestly, I'm having trouble coming up with reasons why this tiny amount of extra exercise would be harmful to a child. I'm guessing your wife is a bit "Type A?" As a wife myself, I have to say that yes, you should be backing up your wife, but then she should owe you for making you take a stand on such a ridiculous issue.


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