May 15, 2010

Tired of Political Spin

I have been seriously considering what I want to do after graduation from Full Sail University. One of the things I have been considering is going into political consulting. I'm not necessarily qualified to be a political consultant but I am more than qualified to run the social media aspects of a political campaign. This brings me to my point today.

I'm tired of people relying on the ignorance of the public at large to spread rumor, spin the truth, and outright lie. I saw the tweet below and then went to watch the video it referenced.

To me it is very clear what is supposed to be in the video. The dictionary defines confess as:
 admit or acknowledge something reluctantly, typically because one feels slightly ashamed or embarrassed 
Furthermore, holocaust is a very strong word to use. Watch the video and see if that is what was actually said.

I do not condone what the girl was saying, in fact I think it is despicable and she should be deported for it, but I think it is quite a jump to infer from what was said that she wants a 2nd holocaust. It is impossbile to say that she confessed that she wants one.

This tweet is designed to get people to retweet it without actually watching it and thus spread this outright lie all over the internet.

Do you feel that too many people in politics rely on the fact that people only read headlines and forward links without checking them out?  Leave your response in the comments.

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  1. While this is an extreme example of the concept, you'll see similar things in every race. Look at how James Perry's driving record has been introduced into the dist 93 legislative race and think of tweets you could do on that which would go viral in a similar way. In terms of the bulk of "political consulting," it's about Get Out The Vote (GOTV), unless you're lobbying for an issue. GOTV is about either getting your people fired up or suppressing the other side. While this particular tweet and story does neither, you can see where the principle applies.

    But here's the thing, even if it's not such a lie, what about people who push products/causes/campaigns via Twitter in such ways as to get people to RT without reading? Your example is extreme, but what about when the candidate or issue is worthy? Is it OK to try to get something to go viral simply beause of the wording of a tweet?


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