July 1, 2010

#the5 – Top 5 Post From My Morning Reading

I'm a big fan of Christopher Penn who blogs at Christopher S. Penn's Awaken Your Superhero and co-host the awesome Marketing Over Coffee podcast. A while back he started something called #the5 and I'm going to copy it here. Every morning I'm going to tweet #the5 best things I find in my Google Reader. They will most likely be marketing related tweets because I'm a marketing geek and because I follow many of the same blogs Chris does because I used the Marketing Over Coffee OPML file.

Doing this causes me to do a couple of things.

  1. it makes me check Google reader every morning, which keeps me on top of what is happening in the marketing world
  2. it makes it more likely I will blog on a regular basis
Here are my 5 from this morning:

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  1. You could use the "share" button in reader and just pull in your feed.

  2. I can't track the tweets as well by using the "Share" button. I want to track the response I get on these and by doing it through Hootsuite I can get the analytics for all the links I share.


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